Recommended Golf Products

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Callaway Hitting Net

One of the best golf products I have purchased over the years would be the Callaway Hitting Net. This versatile net allows golfers to hit realistic shots with a full swing. It is designed to fit many different environments. I have used mine both indoors and outdoors. Spikes are included with the net in order to ensure it is properly stable for all locations.

Because of the consistently built netting, golfers can hit real golf balls into the net using whatever club they choose. The Callaway Hitting Net is not only designed to handle the high lofts of different wedges, but it is built to withstand a shot from a driver as well. This makes it very valuable for the golfer. Practicing and perfecting the swing are very easy no matter the weather or location.
Beginners and professionals will find this product to be very rewarding. Included is a hanging target to practice accuracy with different shots. All players can find this feature valuable. Also, the net allows for consistent practice and repetition, two keys to a great golf game.

SKLZ Accelerator Pro Ball Return Hitting Mat

The same that I have found to be very helpful is the SKLZ Accelerator Pro Ball Return Hitting Mat. Thisitting mat is great for all golfers who want to improve their putting stroke. This mat is designed to perfect the putting stroke in several different ways.

The largest feature is the alignment guides that are placed at various lengths along the mat. The 9 foot mat has 3 alignment guides that allow golfers to practice their putts from distances of 3, 5 and 7 foot. Most products of this type only support practice from one length. The alignment guides ensure that the golfer is moving their club straight from backswing to follow through. A straight swing greatly improves the chances of the ball following its intended path. The end of the mat has an uphill grade to help the golfer learn to putt past the hole and avoid short putts. One of the best features is the gravity ball return that allows for nonstop practice. After the ball lands in the hole or rolls past, the ball return collects it and guides it back to where the golfer isitting from. Being able to hit continuous shots makes practice time much more valuable. Lastly, the material that theitting mat is designed from closely resembles a golf course green. This allows golfers to become familiar with the surface and more easily judge the distance of shots.

SKLZ specializes in athletic performance and skill development equipment. The company has been on the leading edge of training products and continues to impress customers. From beginners to professionals, SKLZ equipment is valued at all levels.

Source by Andrew John Kampwerth